An initiative by Research in Intelligent Software & Human Analytics (RISHA) Lab, IIT Tirupati with support from Richard Lounsbery Foundation, USA

It has been quite a long while since Sam has stepped out  due to the lock down. Help Sam survive in this infected world and also save it by #flattening-the-curve.  This game intends to spread awareness as well as point out that we must do what we can do to help in these dire times as we can't save ourselves without healing the city we live in. 

Also bear in mind the fact that Sam's city is infected by only 12 *Hyperactive* individuals  every round showing a worst case scenario. Help Sam be an ideal person in this society.


1. Locate the dynamically positioned green target square every round.

2. Obtain all spawned masks and donate them to the local hospital to help out the city.

P.s. If you come in close proximity with infected individuals you can wash your hands within 10s to reduce the risk of being infected. Also minimize interactions as not all infected individuals show symptoms aka marked red. here.

I thank and give all due credits for any resources and open source projects that may have been used in the development of this project. 

- Built By

Noble Saji Mathews 

Mentor: Dr. Sridhar Chimalakonda



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nice initiative . good concept . please add pause button . You iitians can learn a lot and do a lot